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So what is HB-21-1144? How do I support it?
In Short. You can support your charities by contacting committee legislatures, requesting them to vote yes for this legislation to permit the use of an updated electronic pull tab dispensing device in Colorado.
Use of these updated devices will enhance accountability and transparency and will make activity reports directly available to the Secretary of State. More importantly, you will be helping charities start to recover from the worst year in charitable bingo history due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Vote yes for this legislation.
Let’s see it PASS. A good first call contact is:
Rep. Karen McCormick, 303-866-2780,
Let’s engage! The importance of helping charitable organizations utilizing Bingo gaming for their operations is NOW! We have House Bill 21-1144 up for consideration as a valid piece of legislation change. Please help us out by calling contacting House Business Affairs & Labor Committee members who ultimately need to vote in favor of moving our bill forward. Call or write, asking that they vote YES on the measure to start the process of positive change.
  • Rep. Dylan Roberts (D) 303-866-2923
  • Rep. Tom Sullivan (D) 303-866-5510
  • Rep. Judy Amabile (D) 303-866-2578 .us
  • Rep. Shannon Bird (D) 303-866-2843
  • Rep. Terri Carver (R) 303-866-2191
  • Rep. Monica Duran ((D) 303-866-5522
  • Rep. Mike Lynch (R) 303-866-2907
  • Rep. Kyle Mullica (D) 303-866-2931
  • Rep. Patrick Neville (R) 303-866-2948
  • Rep. Naquetta Ricks (D) 303-866-2944
  • Rep. Shane Sandridge (R) 303-866-2965
  • Rep. Marc Snyder (D) 303-866-2932
  • Rep. Kevin Van Winkle (R) 303-866-2936